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G3 is All About Enhancing Corporate Value
The Accelerated Value Diagnostic is Revolutionizing the World of Corporate Auditing
G3 Helps Companies get Organized, in Balance and more Profitable

All audit services are based on the Accelerated Value Diagnostic (AVD), G3’s flagship service product. Starting with the base 50 KPI AVD, G3 has variations to fit various audit scenarios, industry types, company sizes, governmental and not for profit organizations. All are assembled and processed using the same scientific approach to operational analysis, along with a mathematical BAR score of each KPI, area and company...

G3 produces sophisticated, in depth operational audits for various types of enterprises that have real utility for the client. The flagship product is the Accelerated Value Diagnostic (AVD). G3’s approach to auditing is quite novel and much different than the usual produced by the vast array of business consultants in many ways. Rather than only telling the company where their problems lie, a G3 audit provides much more. It is step by step process driven ...

G3 provides two primary services for the small business owner. The Small Business AVD is a very efficient, state of the art audit geared strictly for the small business owner. The audit can be used for getting the company in good shape, getting it ready for continued growth, or perhaps to get it ready for sale. The G3 Small Business Value Enhancement Sale program is a comprehensive program starting with the Small...

The G3 AVD forms the basis for most of the services our Business Advisors provide the client. However, we recognize that auditing and post audit enhancement is not all that our clients need. For that reason, G3 provides several other services by its executive management group and some of the business advisors to assist clients in sometime more complex issues and transactions. The executive management...


  • "Working as a Business Advisor with G3 has been a great opportunity. Their innovative approach to measuring organizational health and performance perfectly meets the needs of the ambitious entrepreneurs I relish working with. Products such as the AVD – and the systematic support that comes with them - enable me to achieve outstanding results for my clients."

    Bob Finch - G3 Certified Business Advisor, NJ

  • "The experience with G3 was fantastic and the end product has already proved highly valuable to our business. We highly recommend this service to any company looking to improve any core area of its business."

    CEO - Kokopelli Property Management

  • "I have been in the accounting industry for over 18 years, and have been a Business Advisor for G3 for over a year. I must say the AVD service they provide, I highly recommend. I have worked for many accounting firms and I have yet to come across these types of services. You will love the results!"

    Tonya McElroy, Accountant & Certified Business Advisor - Southfield, MI

  • As one of the founding Business Advisors, I can honestly say that the G3 AVD is revolutionary. It is a fully tested, scientific method for dissecting, analyzing and improving a business. It standardizes the way consulting is conducted and leads to recommendations that, if implemented, will improve any type of organization whether it be a for profit, non-profit or government agency.

    David Fremantle-Accountant & G3 Certified Business Advisor Vancouver, BC

G3 is about enhancing the value of companies. Whether it is for a platform for growth, investigating the solidity of an acquisition target, or preparing a small business for sale, the sole purpose of G3 is to increase the value of the enterprise. Value enhancement starts with the revolutionary Accelerated Value Diagnostic audit (AVD). This process driven, mathematically quantifiable approach to surgical diagnosis and correction is the most sophisticated operational audit to be introduced by any provider of audit services. It not only identifies where the contributors to earnings erosion lie, but by analyzing 50 key performance indicators in an organization, the report contains detailed, specific step- by- step recommendations for corrective action.